Take your Listicles to the next level with these 11 tips

There are many trends in search engine optimization, but the biggest trend is the listicle. Listicles emerged on popular sites like Buzzfeed and Cracked around four years ago, and the listicle has since changed the way we consume content. Listicles are addictingly easy to consume, and can push your website to the next level. To take your listicles to the next level, you should follow these vital tips.

1. Give each item a number: Your listicle could feature bullet points or dashes, but great listicles use numbers. This seems like a small issue, but giving each point a number makes it easy to summarize your points. You want your listicles to be easy to consume, and giving each point a number will keep people reading.

2. Use a prime number in your listicle title: You may not feel that the number of points matters, but it makes a psychological difference. Marketers have performed numerous studies on ideal numbers. They have discovered that odd numbers and prime numbers are especially attractive to readers. Picking numbers like 7, 11, or 13 can bring in readers.

3. Have a great title: Readers need a great title to draw them in. Your title should accurately describe your content and draw the reader into the article. Consider making a bold statement with your title. Take time brainstorming a quality title and your readership will grow.

4. Put care into your listicle: There are thousands of low-quality listicles available on the internet. From articles that just list thirteen points with no explanation to articles that pack numbers in for no reason. You should choose the list format because it helps your content flow better not because the format is attractive. Put great care into each point on your article. Your goal is to inform the reader, not jam material in for no reason. Generating quality content is hard, but your site will benefit from your hard work.

5. Include images: Good writers use visual evidence to prove their point. Including images with your listicle will improve the content. You do not need a picture for every point, but an image at the beginning will make your article more impressive. There are several resources for quality images on the internet, or you can hire a photographer. Your images should be relevant to the content as well. Your listicles need images to reach the next level.

6. Add some humor: Humor is an excellent way to break the ice. Everyone loves a good laugh and after a laugh they are more open to your argument. Insert a joke into your introduction to hook your readers. Perhaps include some humorous points within your list. While you should stay on topic throughout, adding humor makes a huge difference.

7. Keep your points relevant: When you write a long listicle, you may lose track of your main topic. Midway through your listicle, you might catch yourself inserting an irrelevant point. You must avoid including irrelevant points in your content. If your readers encounter irrelevant points, then they will avoid future listicles. Stay on topic throughout your article and readers will come back for more.

8. Plan your work: Writing is difficult, and without proper planning writing well is impossible. Listicles have a natural structure, but they still require planning to achieve perfection. Spend time brainstorming relevant points before you write your post. Once you are done brainstorming, decide the order in which you want to make your points. Carefully plan the evidence you use throughout the article. By carefully planning your work, you can ensure a quality list.

9. Know your audience: A great writer knows their audience well. Who do you want reading your content? You might be writing for a group of experts, or you might be looking to introduce people to a new topic. For example, if your article is meant for twenty-somethings, then do not include references to events in the eighties. Sticking to examples your audience understands and cares about ensures that your audience stays engaged. Your listicle is meant for a particular demographic, and you must tailor your piece towards the intended reader.

10. Include GIFs: Images are an amazing tool, but the internet provides numerous visual tools for your articles. GIFs are one great tool you could use. GIFs are short video clips that reference popular shows, videos, and historical moments. There are thousands of amazing GIFs available throughout the internet. Consider adding a GIF to some of your points. GIFs are especially valuable for offering an emotional reaction to a certain point. The most exciting GIFs on the internet feature exciting moments. Before you start writing your listicles, find quality GIFs to incorporate into your article.

11. Enjoy your writing: Listicles are supposed to be enjoyable to read, and they should be enjoyable to create. Fill the article with your personality. Include jokes you find funny and reference your favorite shows. Engage with your readers that comment on your work and thank them for suggestions. This experience should be extremely enjoyable. These listicles should be fun to write, so stay focused on what you enjoy and integrate it in your writing.

Listicles are a wonderful way to grow your readership. A quality listicle will entertain your readers while also informing them on a particular topic. Follow these points to create the best possible listicles. If you have more questions about search engine optimization, then contact us. We will take your search engine optimization to the next level.

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