Make Your Content Stand Out

Content Marketing to Separate Yourself From the Crowd

Great content marketing requires a lot of time and a lot of effort. Do you ever wonder why no one is reading or viewing your content? Are there some ways in which you can motivate, inspire, persuade, and encourage your chosen target market to be drawn to your content? A wise and competent content marketer possesses comprehensive people skills. They should understand that people learn in one or more of three ways: either through visual, auditory, or kinesthetic stimulus. Sight, sound, or movement. Marketers need to know how to present content that is useful for all three learning styles because not everyone learns in the same way. Knowing this, how can content marketing meet these three types of learning styles without compromising the message?

Recognize and Avoid Marketing Fraud

How to Recognize and Avoid Fraud in Your Inbound Marketing

Not everyone who advertises online is ethical. There are various practices that give scammers an unfair advantage. Online advertising fraud affects areas such as pay-per-click, banner advertising and others. As an honest marketer, it’s important to know about these practices. Otherwise, you risk losing out to unethical competitors. Here are some ways to recognize and avoid fraud in your inbound marketing campaigns.

Ebook Marketing

Content Marketing Solutions: 4 Methods For Marketing Your Newest E-Book

Writing a book is no small endeavor. Whether it’s a sweeping romance, or a point-by-point guide on how to turn a small business into an empire, it takes time, sweat, and grit to sit down in front of the keyboard day after day to force that book from your mind onto the page. If you managed to do that, and to stick with it through editing the manuscript, picking the cover art, and setting your price, then you deserve a moment to toast yourself, and your success.

Unfortunately, the job is only half done at that point. Because once the book is written, you need to get out there and sell it.

That’s easier said than done, though. So if you’ve got a fresh, new e-book on the market, here are some tips you can use to get it off the digital shelves, and in front of readers’ eyes.

The Yellow Brick Road to Becoming an Influencer Step #1: Know Your Quest

When Dorothy set off on her journey on the Yellow Brick Road, she knew what her end goal was. She knew her quest. She was going to find the Wizard, and use his power to return home to Kansas. It was this knowledge of her quest that kept her pushing on through the roadblocks and the hardships and make it to the end.

The first and most important step of her journey occurred before any physical movement took place. Dorothy knew what she wanted and made the decision to get there, no matter what. The journey to becoming an Influencer is no different. To be successful, you need to know exactly where you want to be, and be absolutely determined to get there.

So why do you want to be an Influencer? Are you sure you want to take that route? What do you want to be the expert at? These are all questions that are vital to know before you can make any meaningful strides toward Influencership.

Search Engine Journey

Journey through the Center of SEO

Did you know that 40% of social marketers agree that social media marketing has become more difficult in the past year? Although marketing goods and services through social media are in its relative infancy, almost half of all marketers are having a tough time keeping up. However, in spite of the difficulty in managing a social media campaign, 89% of social marketers have noted that it has brought about exposure in ways that would otherwise not have been possible.

Today we are going to discuss why people search for things on the internet, what happens when someone enters a search query, what is the first thing a search engine does when prompted with a search, and finally, conclude with what really happens when someone enters a search request.

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