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6 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy in 2017

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the term, content marketing? Does it simply mean written text or are there other factors to consider? Images, video, podcasts, radio, charts, infographics, and text, to name a few, are all considered content. Before you post or link content to your site or social media platforms, determine if it fits your overall content marketing strategy. In a HubSpot survey, over 65% of marketers indicated the challenge of generating traffic and leads in 2017. In the same survey, 60% said that blog creation was going to be their number one challenge for the year.

First of all, let’s clear up the difference between social media marketing and content marketing. Social media marketing uses social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for relationship selling, a type of selling that is based on how well you manage and nurture relationships with your social contacts. Content marketing uses social platforms to help promote goods and services.

Content marketing, therefore, is a type of marketing designed to drive traffic and sales. It is also a means to generate and maintain social contact with visitors, prospects, and eventual customers.

Does this type of content help in any way with search engine ranking and optimization? You bet it does. Search engines are looking for relevant content, updated content, rich and engaging content, and lengthy content. These aren’t the only things a search engine looks for but the content is one of two or three elements at the top of the list.

If this is true, then how can we quantify the advantage of a sound content marketing strategy. We would certainly think about the following.

Augmented Reality Marketing

How Your Business Can Benefit From Augmented Reality Marketing

Both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are hot topics now. While these technologies have been around for a while, we’re only just starting to see widespread applications. It’s no longer just gaming and high-tech companies that are using AR and VR for marketing purposes. Let’s look at some ways that your business can benefit from augmented reality marketing.

Avoid Over Analyzing SEO

Don’t Give into Analysis Paralysis Over Analyzing SEO

Wandering through the wilderness of available data in Google Analytics is like trying to decipher the tax code. Both contain useful data but not all of it is useful for the reasons you need. You reach a point where you start to over-think and over-plan your strategy to the point that you don’t know where to begin. For example, how many times have you sat down to write that killer blog and your brain froze? An idea was ripening but the words would not come. Similarly, with analytics, you can get so much information that you become a victim of analysis paralysis and put your strategy in a deep freeze. Let’s see if we can warm things up a bit by reviewing some fundamentals of Google Analytics.

Google Plugin Impact on SEO

Understanding Penguin’s Ongoing Impact on SEO

No, we’re not talking about those cute, flightless birds. Nor are we looking to discuss the famous Batman villain. For digital marketers looking to engage in SEO, Penguin is an integral term that impacts almost all of their decisions. And last summer, it got an upgrade.

You may think that upgrade means Penguin is going away. After all, Google announced that it would be the last update to the long-standing spam reduction machine. But in reality, the opposite is the case.

Improving Email Marketing Success

5 HubSpot Tricks to Improve the Success of Your Email Marketing

Regardless of your industry, email marketing continues to be immensely successful. While open and click-through rates vary greatly by industry, both B2B and B2C brands consider the medium one of the most effective digital marketing tactics available.

Especially for companies who embrace inbound marketing, the success potential of email marketing can be immense. A number of studies, in fact, have found that brands who use email marketing to nurture their leads see significantly higher conversion rates and better transaction rates than those who don’t.

An inbound marketing platform like HubSpot, of course, has recognized that issue, which is why it includes a comprehensive email tool as part of its core features. As an active user, you probably already know about the basics of that feature, which includes an easy drag-and-drop editor as well as an option to segment and select your audience.

At the same time, a wide range of features exist that you may have never heard about. So for today’s edition of HubSpot Tips and Tricks, we’ll focus on 5 email tool features you don’t know exist that can significantly impact the success of your marketing efforts.

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