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Inbound Marketing Campaigns That Think Outside of the Box

What makes a memorable marketing campaign? What kind of advertisement keeps the audience hooked long after the “skip this ad” bar has appeared on the side of the video screen? The ads that often capture our attention incorporate marketing strategies that think outside of the box by engaging the audience with a compelling story. Science is also behind the reason we will let one ad run its full course while we can’t wait to get through another to get back to our regularly scheduled programming. The answer, supported by marketing expert Douglas Van Praet and evidence from neurobiology, evolutionary psychology, and behavioral economics, is to grab onto the audience’s emotions. Praet’s own words encourage marketers to appeal to the basics of human nature to gain more conversions:

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How to Reach Your Inbound Marketing Goals via Storytelling

With inbound marketing, you may not have to reach out to your customers and catch their eye. The onus of researching the product they’re looking for is on the customer. They’re the ones who get personal referrals or referrals from social media. They’re the ones who follow up on recommendations from bloggers or articles they’ve read. They’re the ones who reach out to you because they’re interested in what you’re selling.

However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do anything whatsoever to grab their attention and make the sale. You also need to make sure that you suck the consumer in when they come to your website. Make it so appealing that the customer isn’t going to want to leave, at least not without making a purchase.

How do you do this? One of the best ways that content marketers and SEO gurus have come up with recently is storytelling. Storytelling might be a recent development in the business world but it’s really as old as the hills. Even the Ancient Greeks knew how to tell a story, as we can see from the example of Homer. Storytelling may have changed over the years but in many ways, the basics are still the same.

3 Big Tips to Scheduling Content on Social Media

Social media promotion is perhaps one of the top ways to generating crazy engagement with your blog content. From growing brand awareness, driving fresh traffic to your site, building industry credibility, to boosting SEO ranking, strategically sharing your articles on social media will yield amazing results in your marketing strategy.

Yet, with more brands leveraging social to further their content marketing goals, how can you separate yourself from the sea of posts flooding your follower’s timeline? Or perhaps you have a unique message but are looking for proven tactics to effectively get it in front of your audience. In this guide, you’ll learn how to win in social media scheduling to bring more exposure to your content.

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The Key to Customer Engagement Through Content Marketing

The idea behind content marketing is to produce written material that will keep your customers engaged. What exactly does it mean to be engaged in something? You know that feeling that you have when you start watching a movie or reading a book and you feel like you’ve been transported to a different world altogether? That’s what it means to be engaged. It means that you won’t willingly give up what you’re doing and take up something else unless you really have to.

And why would you want to engage your customers? Because you want them to stay on your website rather than going somewhere else. You want them to keep clicking on your tabs, reading your blog or viewing your comments on social media. You want them to feel interested in what they’re doing, interested enough that they might eventually end up buying what you’re selling.

How do you create this kind of interest? How do you get customers to feel engaged? Here are a few tips:

How to Improve Pinterest Engagement for Better Traffic and Leads

Boasting over 100 million active users, Pinterest offers a great opportunity to drive visitors to your website, capture new leads, and grow brand awareness. This highly visual platform is filled with consumers who are ready to engage with your content. It’s the perfect source to share your brands story, connect with a new audience, highlight products, and bring more exposure to your company.

Perhaps you’re looking for ways to better foster engagement from your Pinterest audience. Or maybe you’re new to the platform and seeking tips to hit the ground running. The following illustrates different tactics and techniques to leveraging Pinterest in your social media marketing strategy that gets more eyeballs to your content, traffic to your site, and leads in your sales funnel.

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