How can I Remove Negative Reviews from Google?


Look… Bad things happen to good businesses all the time.  I’ve heard it a million times from our customers; they received a bad review from someone they’re not even sure ever patronized their business.  In fact, they suspect it’s a competitor.  And a lot of the times they’re right.  Mind you, I’m sure that they’ve also received their fair share of bad reviews because one of their employees was having a bad day and maybe didn’t treat a customer as well as they could have.

Which Social Media Network is Right for me?


It can be confusing for a business owner to figure out just which social media network is right for their company.  With Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google +, Pinterest, and many more out there, it can seem a little overwhelming to manage all of these accounts.  So, can businesses get by with having a few accounts on certain networks?  Absolutely!

The trick is to identify your target market and then optimize the right social network for that target market.  Below are the demographics you can expect from the major networks.

Are all Adwords clicks from real customers?

This is probably the question we get asked the most from our PPC clients.  Yes, there is click fraud.  In fact, in certain industries, click fraud can make up a large portion of click traffic.  So, how do you detect and fight against it?

The first part is detecting the click fraud.  There are several third party softwares that can help such as improvely.com and adwatcher.com.  However, these do cost money.  The goal is to find a balance where you are saving more money than you are spending in order to detect the fraud.  I’ve also seen many clients monitor every visitor to their site in order to identify the clickfraud.  This is a time consuming and mind numbing process that will drive you nuts.  A lot of times a high bounce rate or low time-on-site isn’t necessarily click fraud.  It could be poor landing page quality or server load time.

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