The Most Philanthropic Entrepreneurs


The Industrial Revolution is one of my favorite parts of American History. It was a major turning point in the American Culture, as a group of men and workers changed the mindset, and helped everyone to see outside of the man-created limits that were ever-so-prominent. Men like Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller were business meccas who truly changed the way we thought, worked, and lived.

The unique thing about these men, is on top of their great success with Standard Oil and US Steel, is their generosity to their country. As some of the first great businessmen, they set the standard for wealthy people alike, helping them to realize that it is far more fulfilling to donate money than to try to invent new ways to spend it. In this day and age we live in an era of complete consumerism, where the biggest hype most often comes from the newest car, computer, television, or even watch. There are so many valuable things in this life such as relationships, family, education, laughter, and much more; and these men set the example of how money should really be spent: on these things that matter most.


On top of all this, the invention and implementation of the coal-powered train also changed industry and labor across the US. It created jobs, decreased travel times significantly, and also helped lead the way to the creation of the Modern Day Cars and modes of transportation that we use.


On their behalf, I dedicate this infographic to these men and all those like them, along with the time period that they lived in. May we all open our minds and strive to exceed expectations and value the most important things in life.
Happy Father’s Day!


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