The Top 9 Tools For Effective Conversion Optimization

There are many aspects of a website that affect the conversion rate and how much revenue a given website is able to generate. You need to have a solid design, great copy, and an intuitive interface that makes your website easy to navigate. But, that is just the starting point. You also are going to need to spend a great deal of time tracking and tweaking your website in order to maximize the conversion rate and ensure that you are able to get the most out of your visitors. Although conversion rate optimization has become an incredibly popular concept over the last few years, it has always been an important aspect of advertising and marketing. Luckily, today, there are many tools available that can help you to better optimize your website for conversions and better understand the actions that your customers take. Here are some of the best tools available today for tracking users on your website and optimizing your website for conversions.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most popular web tracking software today. It’s completely free and allows you track a range of different metrics that include but are not limited to visitors, engagement, traffic sources, content, and sales goals. Analytics is the bare minimum that any website should have installed if they are interested in improving their conversion rate in the long-term. The fact that it is free makes it too good of an offer to be passed up.

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg was co-founded by internet marketing guru Neil Patel and continues to be an excellent tool for those that are looking to improve the conversion rate of their website. Crazy Egg comes with a range of different tools but the focus of the software is on their heatmap tool, which helps you to monitor the mouse movements of those that visit your page. This helps you to identify which aspects of your page and copy are working and which simply are not.


Clicktale is an excellent piece of software for those that really want to dive in and physically watch their users use their website. It allows users to feel comfortable, as it hides any sensitive information for the privacy of users. Clicktale allows you to physically watch as users use your website and see which parts of your website they are interacting with. This is an excellent step after some initial optimization tests to see what you might have missed the first time around.


Mixpanel is a great advanced analytics platform that allows you to take an in-depth look at how users are interacting with your website. It specifically focuses on helping you to analyze visitors actions and optimize funnels for conversion. Mixpanel allows you to track  more advanced user actions such as watching a video or sharing content on Twitter. It is truly an advanced piece of software that can really enlighten and help you to improve your marketing efforts.


UserTesting.com is known as a great way to get some initial feedback on a design or copy before it launches. They allow you to sign up, load your account with some credits, and then have real people test out your websites, mobile apps, or other applications and receive feedback from those users. They provide an excellent first step when launching a new product, service or lead magnet that will allow you to ensure that you have some user feedback before going with a large-scale launch.

Survey Monkey

One of the best ways to reliably optimize your website for conversions and learn about how your visitors interact with your brand is to collect customer feedback from those that actually use your website. Survey Monkey might be the most popular option that is available today, allowing you to collect up to 100 responses for free. For additional responses, you can pay a small fee. These surveys allow you to ask very basic questions of your users at various points throughout the sales process and determine whether or not you are on the right track.

Visual Website Optimizer

Visual Website Optimizer is a piece of conversion optimization software that strives to make the optimization process as simple as possible. You can edit, change, and remove various elements of your webpage and split test new versions of the page against previous versions. No web design experience is requires, and the advanced features make it so you can really dig in deep and make changes that result in a higher conversion rate for any page on your website. The best part is that it is completely free up to 1,000 visitors!


Unbounce is a the standard for simple landing page creation and simple split testing. You can create a landing page for any project, whether or not you have design experience. Unbounce has many templates that are available, allowing you to completely customize the look and feel of any page in its entirety. It is an excellent resource for those that do not have the budget or time to outsource the designs of multiple web pages for paid search campaigns.

There are many aspects of a page that help to determine whether or not your audience is interested in purchasing your product. The best thing that you can do is to ensure that you are actively testing and collecting data from your audience in the form of raw data (analytics) and through surveys and other customer opinion polls.

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