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Digital marketing has been moving into real-time marketing for both B2C and B2B businesses. Instagram has become a newly utilized tool that can be used to capture customers in the moment as well as after the event ends. The best aspect of using Instagram for marketing is its wide-open capability in utilizing so many creative marketing ideas while managing to cater to preference toward images.

There isn’t a doubt using images is a current trend in digital marketing, and using it to attract business customers in your B2B business can work just as effectively as B2C. When you want to promote your latest products, using Instagram pictures can be a great way to entice potential customers and create immediate interest.

Even more exciting is being able to capture those people in real time while you hold a live event or convention. The use of social media in conjunction with live events is a growing field in marketing, especially with live video content becoming more reliable than it used to be.

How can you use Instagram during an event, convention, or trade show while promoting your products?

Using Instagram Tags for Your Benefit

Hashtags have become the name of the game in social media marketing, especially on Twitter. Instagram also uses these quite effectively, and you can use them during live events while promoting your B2B business. By using hashtags, photos you take of your event can easily be found in the site’s timeline by those seeking out products you offer.

These tags also include geotags so those businesses can click on your real-time images and have a map showing where you are. The CEO of another business may come visit your trade show booth or event within minutes or hours, depending on their local location. This could help you attain new business customers the same day rather than marketing long term.

Regardless, keep in mind that nurturing relationships is still going to matter in use of B2B marketing to sustain customers. Instagram can be used for part of this after your event occurs.

Using Instagram for Relationships with Your New Customers

If your new customers know where your Instagram account is, keep posting pictures of new products you carry, or recycle photos of past events. This way you always have material for promoting your next event to your business customers following your Instagram account.

By inviting them to your next event, you’re doing double duty using a fresh digital marketing method while building relationships to assure those customers stay with you for a long time.

Let us help you achieve this successfully here at Foxtail Marketing. Contact us and we’ll work closely with you to utilize the best methods in making your B2B business stand out to those that matter.

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