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Yes, we like the Lord of the Rings!

The Utah SEO industry is a weird one. On the one hand, you can’t throw a stone without hitting an SEO agency. On the other hand, you could throw a million stones and not hit a single QUALITY SEO agency.

And that’s the big problem. When you live in the world of low-quality, low-price SEO agencies, they’re naturally going to spawn dozens of competitors that are started up by former employees. And what you have is a propagation of the same bad habits and same bad tactics.

And that’s where we’re different. We didn’t come up through the ranks of the marketing agencies in this state. Rather, we were founded by business owners who had to teach themselves how to be great marketers because they were tired of working with the aforementioned agencies.

This led us to develop strategies and methodologies that fix all the issues that are intrinsic in this market.

So, if you’ve been burned by other SEO agencies, please don’t let that ruin your outlook on SEO in general. We promise, SEO is still a good thing and it can still benefit your company. You just have to learn to trust again. So, come by our offices located in American Fork, Utah, and we’ll put on some Kenny G and we’ll slow dance until we break down those barriers. My goodness, those would make some amazing lyrics for an 80’s power ballad.

But hey, if you still have some questions, you can read the ones we answer most often from the list below.

Q. What makes you guys different from other SEO agencies in Utah?

A. We didn’t work for any of them and didn’t pick up their bad habits. Rather, we developed our strategies in the crucible of being business owners ourselves. So, if our tactics didn’t work, we didn’t eat. So you better believe we made them work.

Q. Does Foxtail have the ability to perform SEO nationwide and internationally?

A. You bet your biscuits we do. In fact, we have about 30% of our clientele outside of the country and work in the Australian, European, Canadian, and Asian markets on a regular basis.

Q. Is SEO all you guys do?

A. GASP! Heavens no! In fact, if you take a peek around our website, you’ll discover that we handle everything from Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Marketing Automation, Social Media, and several other essential tactics. But don’t look at us as a jack-of-all-trades. Rather, we view SEO and these other strategies as tools in our tool belt. And we’re carpenters. And we’ll craft for you the perfect marketing funnel that drives engaged visitors into the top of the funnel and pops out sales ready opportunities at the bottom of the funnel.

Inbound Marketing Agency Machine

Our team handles everything from onsite optimization, offsite optimization, social signal optimization, and link profile optimization. We are your cradle-to-grave SEO solution. 

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Find SEO Leads

Link Building

We hate the idea of high-volume, spammy link profiles. They are damaging and you’re playing Russian Roulette with your search engine rankings. Instead, we work on organic link building tactics that center on content creation and social promotion.

By doing this we’re regularly able to get our clients featured on the top sites on the internet like Forbes, Inc, Huffington Post, and more!

Content Marketing Dashboard

Start with Content

Content is a major piece of any successful search engine optimization campaign. To that end, we ensure that we employ the best content writers, content managers, and editors in the industry. Because if you start with the best content, the rest just falls into place.

So, if you’ve been embarrassed by the content your previous agencies were sending your way, know that you’ll never blush when you see our content. Our content has the guarantee that you would be proud to hang it on your wall for all to see. Because, when it’s going up on your website, you’re basically doing just that.


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