Why You Still Need SEO in 2016

Link BuildingPeople are starting to change the way they think about online marketing. The rise in social media and mobile use has advertisers wanting to focus entirely on user experience and content marketing. While advertising on social media and mobile platforms is still important, you shouldn’t entirely abandon SEO just yet. Here are just some of the reasons why ignoring SEO might destroy your website in 2016.


Facebook Search Still Hasn’t Won Yet

In 2015, many people speculated that Facebook search would continue to grow and eventually dominate over search engines like Google and Yahoo. While the number of Facebook searches continues to climb, it is nothing compared to the number of searches performed on Google. People around the world still flock to Google searching for answers. In fact, over 3.5 billion searches are still performed every day.

The other problem with Facebook’s search engine is that it is highly monetized and focuses on the social network. When people make a search on Facebook, for example, they first need to weed through the posts, groups, pages and events containing the keyword. While they have the option to select web, many users still don’t know this feature is available.

While social networks like Facebook do have the power to eventually dethrone Google and other search engine giants, you shouldn’t entirely switch your marketing strategy just yet. Why ignore 3.5 billion daily searches?

How to Get Traffic from Facebook and Google

If you want to combine your social media and SEO strategy, the easiest way to do it is with automation. Set up your social media accounts to automatically update when you produce SEO-rich content. You can even set it up so that your META description is used for the post text, rather than just a plain link. This allows you to easily tap into social media traffic and create backlinks on some of the most popular networks.


Content is Still King

When it comes to social media marketing for your blog or website, you can’t just throw anything up and get people to like it. Social media marketing still targets real people, and real people demand real content. The quality of your content is crucial to getting traffic from both social media networks and search engines.

While search engine algorithms are constantly changing and placing less of an emphasis on keywords, that doesn’t mean they don’t hold any power. Keywords still help search engines categorize your website and understand the context of your content. Businesses that are hoping to appeal to their human readers need to use fewer keywords in their writing, making it easier than ever to write SEO-rich articles and content.

Appeal to Search Engines and People Alike

The changes in the search engine algorithms don’t emphasize traditional SEO tactics. New SEO strategies all focus on bringing people quality content and ensuring that they are viewing it properly. By following modern SEO practices, you aren’t just appealing to search engines, you are getting some great advice on how to appeal to real people as well.


Don’t Rely on Social Sharing

Social sharing is a great way to boost traffic and bring attention to your brand. The problem is that too many marketers are only relying on social media to get new clients. This can be a dangerous idea as social networks may have gotten bigger, but they still come and go. There are no guarantees that social networks will still be popular in a few years. When you only use social media as a way to bring in traffic, you are risking losing your audience at any given time.

This doesn’t mean that big networks like Facebook or Twitter are going to disappear one day. It simply means that their audiences can change over time, which could hurt your marketing strategy and cause a dip in traffic. Sudden changes in social network dynamics can also affect your traffic levels. Facebook, for example, is starting to gain more appeal for those over the age of 50, whereas just a few years ago it was dominated by people in their 20’s.

Any time you put your marketing efforts into one source, you are putting yourself at risk. SEO is still emphasized by many online marketers because it focuses on multiple search engines, not just one. While Google is the largest search engine, for example, Bing and Yahoo use similar algorithms that look at the same factors within your content. Practicing good SEO helps you build your online presence all over the web, not just on a single social network.


Focusing on Social Media, Content and SEO

While social media marketing, content marketing and SEO are all different strategies to bring in traffic, they are starting to become more blended. In order for you to rank highly on search engines, you need plenty of backlinks which often come from social media. People won’t share your content on social media unless it is useful or interesting.

Here are some quick ways you can emphasize all three and significantly improve your traffic:

  • Add social sharing buttons to your blog posts and homepage.
  • Automatically update your social media accounts when you make new content.
  • Write SEO-rich content that appeals to real people.
  • Create a responsive website that allows all users to see your content.
  • Update your website or blog frequently.
  • Always remember to use META data and simple URLs.


While SEO tactics in 2016 are changing significantly, that doesn’t mean they should be ignored. To learn more about modern SEO strategies that work, please contact us today.

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